Thank youOkay, I admit that I only recently poked fun in one of my posts at the idea that every day is some sort of “__ Day”.  However, today is Administrative Professional’s Day and I can’t let it go by without sending a shout-out and thank you to those who support us crazy, neurotic, Type-A attorneys.  Having first been a paralegal for 8 years, I’ve been there – done that.  We ask you to work on 15 things at the same time, wait until THE VERY LAST POSSIBLE minute to file something (with multiple exhibits and attachments to the attachments, nonetheless), and change one word or two right before filing (hey – it has to be perfect!), throwing off that word count after the certification has already been prepared.

As long as I’m on my laundry list, let’s see…we change a “final” correspondence (already printed on the nice letterhead) at least twice before it “has” to go out that day; decide something should be sent via messenger instead of U.S. Mail and then change our minds again; and ask you where things are saved on the system – that we created.  Genius.  Oh, and don’t forget you are supposed to have ALL the filing rules memorized as well as service of process, filing fees, and pretty much everything else our tiny brains can’t retain.  And, can you just do this one thing “super quick”?  You always do.

I hope I treat you right – I know I try and am far from perfect.  But I expect that if I need a smack upside the head back into reality, you’ll not hesitate to deliver.  So, today’s post is my hat’s off to Linda, Sue and Melissa. Because, we don’t tell you enough that we appreciate you, value you, and frankly, can’t do what we do without you!