3D_Judges_GavelThe Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, along with several other employer groups such as TwinWest Chamber of Commerce, filed a lawsuit today in Hennepin County challenging the City of Minneapolis’ new Sick & Safe Leave Ordinance – as recently amended. The press release summarizing the action can be found here. In short, they argue that the ordinance conflicts with Minnesota state law, namely, that it is “unworkable” and “unlawful”, and that employers need statewide workplace regulations that are consistent. If you want to read the memorandum in support of the temporary injunction, you can find it on KSTP’s website here. What’s next? The parties will get a hearing date, the judge will likely take it under advisement, and issue an order either temporarily enjoining the City of Minneapolis from enforcing the ordinance, or disallowing such injunction. I would not be surprised to see a similar action filed in St. Paul, challenging its newly enacted sick and safe leave ordinance, modeled after the City of Minneapolis’ ordinance. Stay tuned!