The first phase of the Minneapolis minimum wage ordinance took effect on January 1, 2018. As I wrote about earlier here and here, all employers located in Minneapolis must comply with the Minneapolis Minimum Wage Ordinance, which trumps both the Federal and State minimum wage laws because it mandates a higher minimum wage. Since, a Hennepin County District Court judge denied the Chamber of Commerce’s request for a temporary injunction, large employers (more than 100 employees) located in Minneapolis need to pay a minimum wage of $10 per hour. Under the Ordinance, small employers (100 or fewer employees) are not subjected to a wage increase until the second phase of the ordinance on July 1, 2018. At that time, small employers must pay a minimum wage of $10.25 per hour, while large employers must pay $11.25 per hour. As a reminder, employers should be sure to familiarize themselves with all wage law and ordinances that may apply to your business.