Employers with employees working 80 hours a year within Minneapolis should remember that the Minneapolis Wage Theft Prevention Ordinance goes into effect JANUARY 1, 2020. If you want more details about the ordinance and how it is different than the Minnesota Wage Theft Prevention Act, you can read my previous blog here.  In short, there are additional notice requirements and sick and safe time accrual and use balances must be put on the employee’s earnings statements.  All employees must be provided with the notice (not just new hires like the state law), and any changes to that notice must be signed by the employee.

To assist employers in compliance, the City of Minneapolis released an example prehire notice (though that name is somewhat misleading since it applies to current employees as well – don’t be tricked) in English and Spanish (that also complies with state law) and updated notice poster on its website yesterday.  It’s FAQs were previously released.