I greatly suspect that everyone reading my blog is aware by now that Minnesota’s minimum wage increased January 1, 2020 ($10 for large employers; $8.15 small employers). However, for those employers who use minimum wage for certain activities (i.e. travel time) –  be sure to change that rate in your payroll system as well! Also, if you have a minimum wage guarantee for salespersons, same concept – be sure you have updated those records as well. Remember, with the passage of the Minnesota Wage Theft Law, this is not something you want to let slip through the proverbial cracks!

Also, keep in mind that both Minneapolis and St. Paul have higher minimum wage rates then the State wage, so if you are conducting business in those cities, be aware of those wages as well. Minneapolis’ minimum wage increases every July 1, while St. Paul increases its minimum wage every July 1 (with the exception of macro businesses – 10,000+ employees went up January 1, 2020).