On June 10, 2022, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) submitted a notice of proposed changes to its wage information collection form, WD-10, that it uses to determine prevailing wages. The WHD is also proposing a new optional form, WD-10A, which it will use before sending out the actual survey, in order to identify potential respondents who worked in the construction industry.

In other words, the new form will allow contractors to voluntarily report subcontractors with whom they’ve worked, so that the WHD can also send subcontractors the survey. This should ideally reach more non-union contractors, and thus, the rates should more closely reflect actual prevailing wages (versus union wages). Contractors have until August 10, 2022 to submit comments on the proposed notice. A summary of the changes can be found here. As always, the more non-union contractors that actually fill out and complete the survey, the better the chance that the set prevailing wage will reflect actual market (prevailing) rates.