Bible at workEver say “bless you” after someone sneezes? Well of course, it’s rude not to, right? So I was taught… How about “wear church clothes” when someone asks you how to dress? Until recently, I have never given it a second thought. However, a unique religious discrimination charge recently had me diving into religious discrimination cases where I came upon the phrase “wear church clothes” used by an employer to an employee (who happened to be Muslim and thus did not appreciate the reference). How that case shook out is a bit of a long story, you can read it here, but it got me thinking that employers (and their supervisors) should be cautious when using phrases with good intentions, yet with historically religious connotations.

So, why am I sharing this, other than I had my own “light bulb” moment this week? On March 8, the Department of Justice announced a new inter-agency initiative, “Combating Religious Discrimination”.
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